We’ve collected the most worthwhile, sub-$300 timepieces out there would make a great gift to yourself or someone else.

Watches are as much for telling time as they are for making a statement: Stainless steel bands are great everyday timepieces but also look sharp with suits. Leather straps and colored faces are more relaxed for weekends and less formal settings. For something more casual still, ones with nylon and canvas straps .

Men’s watches make great gifts, but they’re also one of few accessories that can get expensive very fast. Since we believe affordability and style should go hand-in-hand,  have a look at the 12 watches we rounded up below that are of classic and modern designs. They’re all less than $300 and prime for gifting or buying for yourself.

These aren’t watches for the watch snob — you’re better off buying them a gift card. These are watches for the casual wearer, who wants something well-designed, beautiful, and high-quality to go on his wrist.

Keep an eye out on our daily deals section where we chase the entire web for the best deals in regards to clothes. We post plenty of deals for men’s watches as well. There’s almost always one up and running at any given point in time, just waiting for you to snipe home a great watch.