Hi all! (again)

I reviewed the Thinx Sport period panty a month or two ago and y'all seemed to appreciate my opinion on it so I wanted to share another, this time for the version that is advertised to hold up to two tampons' worth and is good for heavy days. Quick recap for the sport: advertised to hold 1 1/2 tampons worth, worked really well for me overall for my light and medium days, but I felt that it only held 1 tampons' worth and I really wanted to try the heavier version to see if it would work for my heavy days.

So, I will get right into this hiphugger review after this disclaimer: Please know that I am NOT an employee/sponsor/etc of Thinx! I'm just a teenage girl pursuing a higher education who also happens to not have a lot of money to spend outside of tuition, so Thinx is something I have been more than willing to give a shot at & I want to share my experience with others as well.

I am including pictures this time with my review to help give a visual of the product.

Price: I bought these off ebay so I only paid $20 for each pair of mine. I am now able to eliminate ALL tampons/pads from my usual routine so these are so worth it for me. No more monthly product purchases or late night cvs runs!!!

super cute packaging

care instructions

panty itself

inside gusset

Fit and style:

I am really impressed with how these look on. They are really cute and sexy and take away from that icky bloated-ugly feeling. I won't lie, there were a few times that a short bathroom trip turned into me taking my pants off just so I could admire how cute I felt in these. I am 5'2 95 lb 26" waist and I got a small as I normally do with my underwear and they fit perfectly. The lace band and leg holes do not dig in. They are really stretchy.

This is the website advertisement and I can confirm that they look EXACTLY the same on. so freaking cute (cuter than the sport imo)

Bulkiness: This was v important for me bc the entire reason I bought these was to get a thin panty that would have my back during heavy days when bulkier pads could not and I am SUPER impressed with the thinness of these. They do not stick out at the crotch or feel like a nappy. They feel like they have a slightly thicker layer at the crotch and that's it.

this is the panty from the side– super thin crotch area as you can see


When first taken out of the package they feel like a thin swimsuit bottom with a soft cotton inside. After washing them once they felt softer like my other VS/aerie panties. They feel high-quality and are really comfortable.


These absorb super well! They lasted me an entire TWENTY FOUR hours on my light & medium day! Not a single pad or tampon was used <3 these lasted me 8 hours on my heavy day before they began to feel excessively wet in the crotch so I changed them out. They feel very dry while wearing them & they never really feel heavy, just very wet/damp if they get full. If you notice that the blood is starting to stick to your actual vagina instead of the underwear that's a good sign it's time to change them out. I did not bleed through once, though, and I think I could have pushed them to 10 hours.


If any of you are pad users like me you might get that disgusting ~let me peel this off of my skin~ warm feeling when you change it out. These don't do that. They stay kind of dry down there. You might feel a bit of concentrated heat near where the blood is seeping onto them but not once did I internally go "ew" at them like I do with my Always Infinity (still love you guys though just can't afford you </3).

Who would I recommend these for?

I recommend these for any person who at the very least needs a backup to their normal period product. They will work best for people who have a slow flow; what I mean by this is if you are constantly gushing out blood 24/7 I don't think these will hold up as a sole product for you. The technology requires for the blood to have time to dry to accommodate more so you need to have a flow that kind of slowly comes out/gushes a few times an hour. I think they're accurate to 2 tampons' worth, so if you bleed through a normal product in under an hour I don't recommend them. I change a pad on a heavy day about once every 2-3 hours and these worked really well for my heavy day for 8 hours bc they dried better periodically than pads do. These are v good if you are just sitting down/working an office job/relaxing a lot. I cannot speak on their ability for more active jobs/exercise.

Do I think these are a good investment?

Absolutely. I am SUPER frugal with my purchases and I think these are a great purchase, esp if you can buy them cheaper off ebay. Even if these don't work out for you on your heavy days, they should get you through a light day or at the least be able to act as a back up to your cup/tampon/pad and eliminate all extra liners you have to purchase and change throughout the day. For the simple peace of mind these will give you as a back up to your normal product at the very least makes them worth the $ imo. Plus they are multipurpose; use them as normal cute panties, use them when you're unsure of if you're starting your period or not, a heavy discharge day, if you tinkle when you sneeze, light day, med day, heavy day, spotting days, etc.

Other misc notes/comments:

– When the blood is on the panty it isn't very noticeable by sight. It looks like a dark shiny substance with a slightly red tint and you have to look up close to it to see it. Big improvement from looking at a bright red tampon or splotchy pad lol.

– Clots will sit on top for about 10 minutes before drying so you can go to the bathroom and just wipe them off to get back a dry feeling if you have time.

– If you are sexually active during your period, I think these make that process easier. You don't have to go remove/change anything in the bathroom before starting, you just slip them off like normal underwear and the best part is that the blood just appears to be a slightly shiny dark substance on the underwear, so it's not like you're exposing a bright red piece of fabric to your partner. In fact, I legitimately am confident in saying that I think when you wear these your partner isn't even going to be able to tell that they're anything but normal underwear.

– If you're like me, your actual vagina might feel super sore during ttotm and the idea of using a tampon/cup or even touching any area of yourself just might make you really queasy. I personally would love to use a cup but I just get so sore that I can't. These are a WONDERFUL alternative to that. They are soft for your vag to lay on and just allow for a very peaceful & comfortable flow when you might feel horrible in every other way.

– These work wonderfully with positioning pads/liners if you want to use them as a backup. The leg holes work very well with wings.

– In my opinion, they are not "gross". I have been told that they seem "grosser" than pads/tampons/a cup/etc but I disagree. I think these are hygienic, eco-friendly, stay a lot drier than pads, are healthier for the body than exposing it to chemicals from most tampons/pads, etc. Yes, they are going to feel a little wet, but I just feel so much more comfortable when I use these that I really don't care. The only thing that would beat these would be the cup.


Sorry for the length, but I wanted to be really thorough. Thank you if you read all of this 🙂 if you have any questions please feel free to ask! Nothing is too tmi for me lol.

r/FrugalFemaleFashion – Thinx Period Panties Hiphugger Review (highly detailed/long w pictures)

Hi all! (again) I reviewed the Thinx Sport period panty a month or two ago and y’all seemed to appreciate my opinion on it so I wanted to share another, this time for the version that is advertised to hold up to two tampons’ worth and is good for heavy days.